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Some of the things we do.


CAD design

Professional modeling

We work in well known software and handle most file formats. We can help you with everything, from developing a whole new product or improving an already invented design, to making small changes to a design.
3D printing

Plastic FDM manufacturing

We work with a couple of FDM 3D printers and can help you if you would like to hold a prototype in your hands or why not 3D print your logo for your business to hang above your door. There is so much we can do with these machines! More than that, we can help you with your 3d printers. Service and repairs is also one thing we are good at.

Education, development.. you name it!

We do a lot of stuff in the area of 3d technology. Not only 3d printing. Hire us as consultants for your projects and you get money well spent. Just read our references :)

Easy, fast and efficient.


We can help you get from idea to reality in no time. With our expertise and knowledge about development and our love for making stuff we always come up with solutions. We don't just think outside the box. We back away from the box and look at the whole picture!
Most of our work can be classed as consulting. When we develop products and educate we normally do this under the consulting account. In this way our customers can hire us as consultants and get a lot of stuff done all at once.

What our costumers think.

  • This service saves time to produce mounting equipment, fixtures and you get a sense of how the piece looks, which helps manufacturing a tool in a better way.
    Morgan M, Head of Technology, Nitator
  • A really good service. Fast delivery and excellent quality!
    Tomas S, Design Engineer, Nitator
  • TE3D is a good service-minded partner that always deliver 3D-prints with nice quality on time.
    Thomas Palm, Owner & Senior Product Developer, Palmiga Innovation AB
  • I hired TE3D to help us with CAD design and rendering. I received great service and fast deliveries.
    Oscar A, Owner, Elj bordet/Elj furniture
  • Emanuel at TE3D was of great support in 3D printing a prototype of mine. He delivered a professional result very quickly. Last, but not least, the delivery was fast!
    Serena, Research Fellow, Middlesex University

Some companies we work with